Madiba Comprehensive School

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The Vision and Mission Statements 

The school name Madiba CS, ermerged from an informed merger between two townships schools sharing the same premises; AD Motuba Comprehensive and Seepakitso Senior Secondary School

Named after a powerful icon in Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, alias Madiba; has been powerful force in the past years; boasting of a high percentage pass rate. This will ultimately with proper resource-funding, assistance and support reach the aspired target of hundred percent.

Madiba Comprehensive School is a Section 21 secondary school as per South African School Act. Click here to open school organogram (use 200% zooming)

The school was established in 1995 under the Late Principal, Mr Stan Klaas. It comprises of Technical, Commercial and General education.

The over the limit of the school is around 1, 605 learner capacity. The CS-Personnel establishment is at 61 male and female and 13 PS-Staff.

The school is located in Kagiso Township, corner Geba and Sebenzisa Drive in East Park; and comprises of 6 Blocks, A-Administration, B-Library and Media Centre, C-Tuition Rooms, D-Special Tuition Rooms, Science and Computer Centres, E-Factotum Centre and F-TEchnical Workshops.

There are;                                                                                                                                                  34  Normal Tuition Rooms,                                                                                                                     06  Special Tuition Rooms                                                                                                                       02  Consumer Studies Centres                                                                                                               02  Computer Centres,                                                                                                                                03  Lifes Sciences Labs and 03 Physical Sciences Labs                                                                   01  Engineering Graphics and Design Centre  01  Electrical Technology Workshop, and                                                                                                                                                                             02  Mechanical Technology Workshops.                                                                              

 The challenge facing the school is that majority of these Centres and Labs still require the necessary resources in consumables and relevant equipment.                    

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